Monday, May 23, 2011

Valiant Market - Magnus Robot Fighter #2 page 1

Here is another post in my series on recent interesting Valiant sales (you can find the first in the series here and the second here). Original art pages from "Steel Nation" (the story that takes place in Magnus Robot Fighter issues #0-4) are very rare in the open market largely because the story is so beloved and collectors hold onto whatever pages they get their hands on. Recently, however, two "Steel Nation" pages came up for sale on eBay from the same seller. Of the two, Magnus Robot Fighter #2 page 1 is the beauty. It's a great example of the Valiant page 1 splash (of which I also have a series of articles posted), seems to have no aging or yellowing and has a level of detail usually reserved for covers. Check it out:

Final sale price: $517 (+$10 shipping). Nothing outrageous but still a very healthy price.

UPDATE: I have learned that the buyer was Valiant Comics Chief Creative Officer, Dinesh Shamdasani

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