Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rai and the Future Force Lithograph

Got an interesting Valiant Comics item here. It's an official Rai and the Future Force lithograph signed by artist Sean Chen. I've never seen this image before which is neat. It features The 43rd Rai, Eternal Warrior, Tekla, Magnus Robot Fighter, Kazuyo Nakadai in the X-O Commando armor (wife of the 42nd Rai), Spylocke and the the Malev Emperor.

I have no idea how this was made avaliable, how much it costs, how many were made or if it was part of a larger collection of lithographs so check back to this post for future updates.

Mags - Advance Comics #35

Here's another entry into the Valiant Magazine's collection - Advance Comics #35.  This issue features an X-O Manowar cover by Barry Windsor-Smith. Take a look:

Mags - Comic Buyers Guide #1065

Got another Valiant Comics related magazine for you today - Comic Buyers Guide #1065 which has a Chaos Effect cover.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Original Art - Harbinger #3 cover

Following on from the last post (Harbinger #4 original black and white ink art), here is the original ink art for Harbinger #3 by David Lapham.

And here is the raw file sans photoshop corrections. You'll notice that Flamingo's left foot has been slightly changed.

Finally, here is the cover as printed: 

Original Art - Harbinger #4 cover

I'm trying to put together a complete collection of black and white ink art posts of every pre-UNITY Valiant comic. So far I've got X-O Manowar #1, X-O Manowar #2, X-O Manowar #4 and Harbinger #6. Here is another post in that series. This time it's the cover art Harbinger #4 by David Lapham

And here is the raw file sans photoshop corrections.

Finally, here is the cover as printed:

And as a bonus, here is the original color art to Harbinger #4. I'm not 100% sure this is the color art to the comic as most of the early Valiant Comics covers were re-colored for printing as trading cards in the Valiant Era I and Valiant Era II trading card sets. This piece may be the re-colored version used in printing the trading card.

Promo - Darque Brew

One of the most famous Valiant Comics promotional items is the Darque Brew bottle of beer. Valiant (or Acclaim as it was called then) sent comic book retailers across America incentive/thank you Christmas packages that included a bottle of specially packaged beer in a box with a label that reads "Valiant Comics Darque Brew" and a greeting card that reads "Happy Holidays from your friends at Acclaim Comics". Occasionally, these were accompanied with a letter from Valiant discussing the upcoming event books and promotions. 

The bottles were brewed exclusively for Valiant in 1994 by the Capital Brewing Company. These bottles have become sought after collectors items, especially when they come complete with the greeting card. Valiant had planned to issue 6 different bottles (I believe one per Christmas) which would then be collected in a six pack holder that would accompany the sixth bottle. Only one other bottle was ever produced - Armstrong Ale - promoted Archer & Armstrong.

UPDATE: You can now see pictures and read description of Armstrong Ale in my Armstrong Ale post.

Valiant logo tee (bootleg?)

Looks like the same seller who is selling the Bloodshot / Rai chest logo tee shirts also has a tee shirt featuring the Valiant logo from the 90s.

Rai / Bloodshot tee shirt (bootleg?)

Found this probably illegal tee shirt of the Rai / Bloodshot chest logo on

The seller's own description bascially admits that it's a knock off

This shirt COULD be the Japanese flag... but if you read Valiant Comics in the early 90s you know that this is a Rai and/or Bloodshot tee. I always wanted one so I just made one.

It's still pretty damn sweet. Click here to buy one.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Commission - Valiant Characters among greatest super-heroes by Anthony Castrillo

I have no idea what this was commissioned for. The artist only says that it was done quickly without any prelims for a Valiant fan project and a good cause. It doesn't matter, because its awesome!

The image is of the Valiant characters (not all drawn perfectly but we can overlook that): Archer, Armstrong, X-O Manowar, Solar: Man of the Atom, Magnus Robot Fighter, Shadowman, Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior, Solar the Destroyer, Turok, the Harbinger kids and even a spider alien hanging out with the great comic book characters of all time. I'm not going to be able to name them all but I'll try: Superman, Batman, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Cyclops, Spider-man, Vampirilla, Nightwing, Joker, Ant-man, Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Bone, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Thor, Mickey Mouse (?)...

If anyone has any idea what this was used for please let me know.

Fan Art - Shadowman #43 cover recreation

Another gorgeous piece of fan art by Anthony Castrillo (Timewalker). This time we have a recreation of the cover to Shadowman #43 originally by artist Bob Hall.

And for comparisons sake here is the printed cover by Bob Hall

Mags - Comic Shop News #499

I'm on a magazine kick so here's another one. Comic Shop News #499 with a not published anywhere else (as far as I know) Quantum & Woody cover.

Mags - Advance Comics #71

Two in one day! Here's another issue of Advance Comics, this time issue #71. It has an X-O Manowar cover and has an interesting article about how X-O Manowar will become a weekly comic for a short period.

Mags - Advance Comics #59

Here's another entry into the Valiant Magazine's collection - Advance Comics #59.  This issue features a Ninjak cover by Joe Quesada and a pretty cool article about the Ninjak title. Take a look:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Valiant Market - UNITY #0 page 8 original art

Occasionally, I'm going to make a post about a recent sale that is of interest. I'm going to refrain from doing too many because I don't want this blog to get caught up in the prices Valiant books are fetching in the back market or for anything said here to effect price speculation. With that said, I was surprised and happy to see that the recent auction of an original art page from the seminal UNITY issue #0 by Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton sold on eBay for $836.77 (plus $10 shipping).

It's rare for a Barry Windsor-Smith Valiant page to hit the market let alone one of the 16 pages that make up UNITY #0. This page was clean and prominently featured Solar: Man of the Atom so I expected big bucks but $800+ was slightly beyond my most optimistic guesses. It's nice to see that the market for key Valiant art is so healthy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mags - Comic Buyers Guide #1019

I love Comic Buyers Guide and have been reading it for years. Here's just one of the many issues they have produced with a Valiant Comics cover.

This issue has a "Deathmate, Doctor Mirage & More"  cover with pictures of the covers of both Deathmate: Prologue and The Second Life of Doctor Mirage #2.

Also check out this picture of the article inside which talks about the upcoming Deathmate Tour, the Valiant Validated Signature Series and Valiant Apparel.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shadow Man video game audio CD - GameOn #3

I recently covered one of the other versions of this remix CD in my posts on the Limited Edition French box set of the first Shadow Man video game for the PlayStation and on the audio CD itself. Now I've got some information on  first of the other two versions. This one was included as a freebie in issue #3 of a magazine called GameOn.

The audio CD is a 'Remix collection of the music from the Shadow Man video game'. You can download the music from the CD by Clicking here. The password is 'warped-zone'.

Check out pictures of the CD below.

The music and tracklist is exactly the same as the edition that was included in the box set. The only difference is the cover art and the fact that this was given away with a magazine.

CBR Casting: Quantum & Woody movie

Found this thread discussing a possible Quantum & Woody movie and thought I'd share the suggestion they had.

Dave Chapelle as Eric Henderson a.k.a. Quantum

Dane Cook as Woodrow Van Chelton a.k.a. Woody

Originally the creators had envisioned Eriq La Salle (ER) and Woody Harrelson (Natural Born Killers) - clearly a different time. The suggestions here aren't bad but they also aren't inspired. Maybe the poster just liked the initials D.C.

Page 1 - Magnus Robot Fighter #0

A lot of Valiant books will start with splash page (a full page of art instead of a series of panels). These are called page one splashes. I love them because they are so encompassing that it doesn't matter what is going on in your life, once you open the comic to that page one splash you are drawn into the story.

Today we spotlight what could be argued to be the very first Valiant Comics page one splash - Magnus Robot Fighter #0 page 1. Written before Magnus Robot Fighter #1 and intended to launch the Valiant Comics Universe #0 was ultimately used as a send away incentive and then a retailer thank you (There's an interesting story behind this that I'll post one day).

What's great about this page is that you are immediately sucked into the world on NorthAm - it's the world we know but far in the future; people are still people but they seem to have robot helpers; technology is far advanced; society is now Utopian(the biggest problems the locals face are falling ice cream, reading too many comics and doves getting in the way of your commute); architects love jewel colors.

Things to note on this page
  • Manning Systems refers to the creator of Magnus Robot Fighter, Russ Manning.
  • Gold refers to the original publisher of Magnus Robot Fighter, Gold Key Comics.
  • Comics have become 'Holo Comics' and Marvel and DC seem to have merged - Superman is fighting the Thing.
  • FATJ refers to Joe Quesada (I kid!!)
UPDATE: Found a scan of the original ink art to this page.

    Saturday, October 16, 2010

    Fan Art - Zombie Solar #3 cover

    Check out this really nice looking fan art variant cover to Solar: Man of the Atom issue #3 featuring zombie Solar and zombie Phil Seleski by Anthony Castrillo (Timewalker).

    For comparison, here is the published cover to Solar: Man of the Atom #3 by Barry Windsor-Smith

    Shadow Man video game audio CD - French LE box set remix

    I know I just covered this remix in my last post on the Limited Edition French box set of the first Shadow Man video game for the PlayStation but I've found more information on it and in anticipation on uncovering details on the other two versions of the CD (The first was included as a freebie in issue #3 of a magazine called GameOn. The second is a single CD edition that was released for sale in France at the time of the games launch) I'm going to start a series of posts just for them.

    The audio CD is a 'Remix collection of the music from the Shadow Man video game' from the Limited Edition French box set. You can download the music from the CD by Clicking here. The password is 'warped-zone'.

    Check out pictures of the CD below.




    Shadow Man Limited Edtion French video game box set

    Until I was putting together the Shadow Man video game box art post I never even knew this French released limited edition box set of the first Shadow Man video game for the PlayStation existed. So far there are only two copies that I know of and neither owner has opened the box. According to the label on the box the set includes a T-shirt, a poster, an amulet and an audio CD. Most of which no one has pictures of. Take a look at some pictures of the unopened box set.

    I have since discovered that the audio CD is a 'Remix collection of the music from the Shadow Man video game'. Check out a picture of the CD below.

    I have also found a link to download the music from the CD - you love me don't you! - Click here to download the zip. The password is 'warped-zone'.

    Lastly, I've been informed that at least two other editions of the CD exist. The first was included as a freebie in issue #3 of a magazine called GameOn (I'm trying to track a copy down and confirm this). The second is a single CD edition that was released for sale in France at the time of the games launch. 
    What does all this tell us? Simple, France loves Shadow Man!

    Saturday, October 9, 2010

    Unity #0 re-imagining #2

    A new post in my series on Unity #0 re-imaginings (Check out the first post here and re-imagining #1 here). Again, this one was illustrated and inked as a commission by Bob Layton. It features X-O Manowar, Rai, Solar, Archer, Shadowman, Sting, Flamingo, Armstrong and Erica Pierce.

    I know what you're thinking. Technically, this isn't a Unity #0 re-imagining since its a based on the cover to UNITY #1. Well...I don't care! my blog, my rules!!

    10 Greatest Comic Book Sidekicks of All Time - #5 Vincent Van Goat

    Semantink Publishing has put together a list of their 10 Greatest Comic Book Sidekicks of All Time and guess who made the list? None other than our favorite animal in the Valiant Universe - Vincent Van Goat aka The Goat aka Goat: H.A.D.E.U.S. Quantum and Woody would be so proud!

    Check out the article or read the excerpt about The Goat below.
    5) THE GOAT: Neither Quantum nor Woody were good [at being] superheroes, but their sidekick was awesome. That’s right, it’s THE GOAT! With all the powers of… A GOAT! This just goes to show, if you don’t have the cache to get a real sidekick, dress up an animal.

    Shadow Man video games box art

    I've been wanting to make this post for a while but finding all the images was no small feat.  I have enough now that I feel I can make a first attempt at...A complete collection of scans from box art for the Shadow Man & Shadow Man: 2econd Coming video games! Check it out:

    Shadow Man (Shadow Man: Rette deine Seele in Germany, and Тень in Russia)

    Dreamcast (USA, Canada, Mexico)

    Dreamcast (UK & Europe)

    Dreamcast (Germany)

    Nintendo 64 (USA, Canada, Mexico)

    Nintendo 64 (UK & Europe)

    Nintendo 64 (Germany)

    Playstation (USA, Canada, Mexico)

    Playstation - Warning Label edition (USA, Canada, Mexico)

    Playstation - Accliamed Range limited edition (UK)

    Playstation - Value Series (UK)

    Playstation - Play 4 Fun four pack (UK)
    A charity compilation from the Entertainment Software Charity. Also featuring Vanishing Point, Pac-Man World and Fighting Force

    Playstation - Limited edition box (France)
    The set comes with a T-shirt, a poster an amulet, and an audio CD 

    PC (USA, Canada, Mexico)

    PC (UK & Europe)

    PC (Germany)

    PC - Limited Edition (Germany)

    PC - Back To Games Edition (Germany)
    PC - ?? Edition (Germany)

    PC - Bild Spiele Magazine Edition (Germany)
    Possibly just a demo

    PC (Russia)

    Shadow Man: 2econd Coming

    Playstation 2 (USA, Canada, Mexico)

    Playstation 2 (UK & Europe)

    Playstation 2 (France)