Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mags - Comics Values Monthly #59

Comics Values Monthly #59 featuring the cover of Magnus Robot Fighter #1 on the cover.

Unity #0 re-imagining #3

A new post in my series on Unity #0 re-imaginings. These are a popular commission concept because of the iconic cover to Unity #0 and because it lets the commissioner play editor, determining which characters make the roster! Again, this one was illustrated and inked as a commission by Bob Layton. It features X-O Manowar riding a dinosaur (!), Rai, Solar and Magnus fighting a bunch of free will robs. Check it out:

Valiant Market - X-O Manowar #8 page 13 original art

Welcome to another episode of Valiant Market! The show/blog post series where I chronicle interesting sales of Valiant items (predominantly art so far). In this episode/blog entry we take a look at the recent eBay auction for the original art page from X-O Manowar issue #8 page 13 by Mike Leeke and Tom Ryder.

The page sold for a surprising $311.69 (including shipping). Why so much you ask? Well, this issue is part of the seminal UNITY crossover, is signed by the artists, looks to be in terrific condition/color and features a key scene in the life of our hero - the moment before he gets chomped by a bionasaur!! But those reasons pale in comparison to the big selling point. I mean of course the appearance of X-O butt! Check it out for yourself:

Mags - Perspective Comic Con Issue

This years San Diego Comic Con featured a Comic Con special issue of the Art Directors Guild journal, Perspective. The magazine did a interview with Valiant Comics alum Mark Moretti (Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior, Magnus Robot Fighter and Ninjak) which featured a page from his early Magnus Robot Fighter work.  Check out the full interview below:

Friday, November 23, 2012


The Bleeding Cool Magazine debut issue arrived in comic stores around the world this week and featured a rather interesting article entitled "The Top 100 Most Powerful People in Comics". Why is this pertinent to you, the die hard Valiant Comics fan? Because two Valiant Comics executives and one writer made the list! But we'll get to that in a minute...first the full list:

1. Jim Lee
2. Isaac Perlmutter
3. Robert Kirkman
4 Geoff Johns
5. Joe Quesada
6. Brian Michael Bendis
7. Dan Didio
8. Thomas Tull
9. Kevin Feige
10. Eric Stephenson
11. Mark Millar
12. David Steinberger
13. Dan Buckley
14. Bob Harras
15. Axel Alonso
16. Joss Whedon
17. Tom Brevoort
18. Grant Morrison
19. Mike Richardson
20. Bill Schanes
21. Bob Wayne
22. Jeph Loeb
23. Ruwan Jayatilleke
24. Jonah Weiland
25. Ted Adams
26. Jeff Robinov
27. Stan Lee
28. Neil Gaiman
29. Diane Nelson
30. Alan Moore
31. Nick Lowe
32. David Gabriel
33. Brian K. Vaughn
34. Nick Barrucci
35. William Christensen
36. Jason Kingsley
37. Alex Ross
38. Steve Wacker
39. Pendleton Ward
40. Marc Toberoff
41. CB Cebulski
42. Micah Baldwin
43. Rob Pereyda
44. Nick Landau
45. Mark Waid
46. Todd McFarlane
47. Ross Richie
48. Scott Snyder
49. Bill Willingham
50. JMS
51. Jonathan Hickman
52. John Rood
53. Garth Ennis
54. Matt Fraction
55. Mike Mignola
56. Mike Marts
57. Steve Geppi
58. Scott Kurtz
59. The Anonymous Comic Shop Clerk with a Scanner
60. Karen Berger
61. Midtown Collective
62. Fred Pierce
63. Roger Fletcher
64. Bobbie Chase
65. David Bogart
66. Dinesh Shamdasani
67. Warren Ellis
68. Jim Valentino
69. Harris Miller III
70. Joe Field
71. Marc Silvestri
72. Mimi Cruz
73. Cindy Fournier
74. Chuck Parker
75. Bryan Lee O'Malley
76. Erik Larsen
77. Ken F Levin
78. Richard Johnston
79. J Scott Campbell
80. Kate Beaton
81. Chris Staros
82. Fae Desmond
83. Seiji Horibuchi
84. Lance Festerman
85. George RR Martin
86. Gary Groth
87. Jonathan Goldwater
88. Stephen Christy
89. Scott Allie
90. James Lucas Jones
91. Scott Morse
92. Kevin Eastman
93. Milton Griepp
94. Chris Ryall
95. James Parker
96. Scott Dunbier
97. Liam Sharp
98. Bob Schreck
99. James Killen
100. Howard Chaykin

There you have it. Fascinating stuff but even more fascinating is the full list in the magazine with commentary. I urge you to pick up a copy (which also has a pretty snazzy Shadowman article). Here's a scan of the cover:

Now on to the Valiant crew that made the list - Valiant Publisher, Fred Pierce (#62), and Valiant Chief Creative Officer & Founder, Dinesh Shamdasani (#66). Check out scans of the commentary below:

Also, recently announced Shadowman screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski made the list at number 50. Check out the commentary below:

And just because I know you're interested, here a few more notable entries:

Marc Silvestri (#71): Image Comics founder and creator of Witchblade, Darkness and Cyberforce

Warren Ellis (#67): Creator of Transmetropolitan & The Authority, and writer of Judge Dredd, Iron Man and Fantastic Four 

George RR Martin (#85): Creator of Game of Thrones

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy 20th Bloodshot #1

Twenty years ago today Bloodshot #1 hit the stands and the chromium age was born.  Happy anniversary!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mags - Comic Shop News #1304

Another scan of an issue of Comic Shop News with a Valiant Comics cover. This time it's Comic Shop News issue #1304 with a Bloodshot (2012) cover featuring the cover art from the Bloodshot#1. Check it out:

Mags - Comic Shop News #1300

Here's another scan of an issue of Comic Shop News with a Valiant Comics cover. This time it's Comic Shop News issue #1300 with a Harbinger (2012) cover featuring the cover art from the Harbinger #1 1:20 variant cover - which is a homage to the original Harbinger #1 cover from 1992. Check it out:

Mags - Comic Book Collector #13

Today, we have another magazine cover featuring Valiant. Comic Book Collector #13 featured a cover sporting the second wave of Valiant Comics characters - Ninjak, Timewalker, Armorines and Doctor Mirage - as well as an article discussing them entitled, Valiant Comics: What Next?

Check it out:

Shadowman #1 Blackout Pullbox cover is AWESOME!

Valiant did a great job with these! From a distance it looks completely black, but when you get up close you see Shadowman come out of, well, the shadows! So awesome!

Also, I have no idea how Valiant did this but it is impossible to get a finger print on the cover. The problem with other black or predominately black covers is the minute you pick it up you ruin the effect with your greasy fan boy finger prints. Not the case here!

Check it out: