Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gold logo program returns!

At the San Diego Comic-Con this year Valiant Chief Creative Officer, Dinesh Shamdasani, announced the return of the famous gold logo program. The program rewards fans who promote Valiant Comics with limited edition gold logo versions of the comics. The first comic to receive the gold logo treatment is X-O Manowar #1:

Everyone who attended the panel at the San Diego Comic-Con received a copy! Three copies are being auctioned on eBay with all proceeds being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. The first of the auctions has finished at a whopping $306.76 (plus $10.40 shipping).

UPDATE: The next auction finished at over $600!

Valiant Market - UNITY #0 page 12 original art

Okay, so I'm really really bad with updates. The new Valiant books have been coming out and they are AMAZING! If you haven't checked them out do yourself a big favor and go and get them all!

I may change the focus of this blog from text to predominantly picture updates. We'll see.

Anyway, this update is about the recent auction of another original art page from the seminal UNITY issue #0 by Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton (I've documented a previous sale here). This time UNITY #0 page 12 sold on eBay for $875 (plus $20 shipping).

As I've said before, it's rare for a Barry Windsor-Smith Valiant page to hit the market let alone one of the 16 pages that make up UNITY #0. This page was clean and prominently featured Solar: Man of the Atom, Eternal Warrior, Geoff the Geomancer and X-O Manowar. It's nice to see that the market for key Valiant art is so healthy.