Sunday, November 25, 2012

Valiant Market - X-O Manowar #8 page 13 original art

Welcome to another episode of Valiant Market! The show/blog post series where I chronicle interesting sales of Valiant items (predominantly art so far). In this episode/blog entry we take a look at the recent eBay auction for the original art page from X-O Manowar issue #8 page 13 by Mike Leeke and Tom Ryder.

The page sold for a surprising $311.69 (including shipping). Why so much you ask? Well, this issue is part of the seminal UNITY crossover, is signed by the artists, looks to be in terrific condition/color and features a key scene in the life of our hero - the moment before he gets chomped by a bionasaur!! But those reasons pale in comparison to the big selling point. I mean of course the appearance of X-O butt! Check it out for yourself:

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