Thursday, December 1, 2011

Valiant Secret Tumblr: Harada?

I promised more analysis of the secret Valiant Comics Tumblr so here it is!

The latest post on the Man of War Tumblr (posted Nov 23rd 2011) is the image below:

Tres interesting no?  Okay, so what do we see?  

Cork Board:
The top half looks to be some kind of cork board with several items tacked onto it.  The most prominent is the top half of a head that looks to belong to a new version of Toyo Harada. It's hard to say for sure because he's missing his trademark white stripes of hair but he does sport slanty Asian eyes (racist!). If it is him, he now has a new close cropped haircut (quite befitting a high powered CEO in today's world) and has been illustrated in a pretty cool photo realistic style! To the right of the Toyo Harada illustration is what looks to be a copy of Shadowman #13. Check out the cover below and compare the logos and color scheme:

Lastly, the very top of the photograph shows something that has a white background and what looks to be red blood dripping in the image. I have no idea WTF that is...please email any guesses. There is also a yellow tack and a page from a lined yellow legal pad on the board but I don't see anything particularly exciting about either.

The bottom half is of a average looking computer (Mac laptop? Notice the Mac icons on the top right of the screen) with an older version of Microsoft Word open and a file named 112111.dox displayed. The only thing we can see from the files contents is: "RBING". 

So what does the 112111 file name mean? I'm going to guess that it's a date and not a catalog number. If that's true it refers to the date November 21st 2011 -- just 3 days before the photo was posted on the blog. And what does the RBING mean? Probably part of the word HARBINGER (dun dun dun!). So can we surmise that this document is a pitch of script for Harbinger and was turned in to Valiant on November the 21st? It would certainly make sense if the slanty eye'd dude (racist!) on top was Toyo Harada.

Whatever the main image is, it looks damn interesting and pretty freaking cool. Also, the Man of War Tumblr continues to provide a surprising and mysterious look into the work being done by Valiant Comics for the 2012 return of comic books.

Stay tuned for more analysis of previous posts. I'm looking forward to searching them for clues.

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