Sunday, October 25, 2015

Valiant Market - Eternal Warrior (2013) #5 1:50 David Mack variant (again!)

Just last week I wrote about how popular, hard to find and, therefore, expensive some of the new VEI variants have become. I spotlighted two books in particular - Eternal Warrior (2012) #5 1 in 50 variant and Harbinger Wars #3 1 in 25 variant. Well another Eternal Warrior (2013) #5 1 in 50 ended on eBay today. This one ended in an auction for $264! That makes 3 eBay auctions in the $250-300 range in as many months. Not to mention the Buy It Now listings that have ended in the same range. This book is quickly becoming one of the most sought after Valiant books!

Again, this book precedes Rai (2014) #1 by almost 5 months and therefore is the first appearance of the 4001 timeline in the VEI universe. It's also the first appearance of Gilad, the Eternal Warrior in 4001 (known then as the Eternal Emperor). With big things being teased for 4001 in 2016 fans will want to make sure they have a copy of the most rare version of Eternal Warrior (2013) #5 and the 1 in 50 David Mack variant is just that.

If you've got one, I suggest holding until we get a movie, or at least a movie announcement. If you're in the market for one...good luck!

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