Monday, August 23, 2010

Commission - Valiant versus Crossgen by Bart Sears

Someone came up with a cool idea - The Valiant Universe versus The Crossgen Universe - and then hired Bart Sears (X-O Manowar) to bring it to life. The result is the double page splash below. The original scan wasn't great and the photoshop work I did to bring out the inks only helped so much. Please email if you have a better scan.

I don't know my Crossgen characters anymore (I never really liked that Universe, the quality was all over the place) but I can make out quite a few Valiant characters:

  • X-O Manowar is front and center taking out some guy and holding some item which I'm sure has Crossgen importance.
  • Spider Alien corpses litter the ground .
  • Armstrong is fighting a samurai looking guy behind X-O Manowar.
  • Archer is to the left of Armstrong and is getting mobbed by Spider Aliens.
  • Solar is behind Archer & Armstrong and seems to be the reason these two Universes are meeting.
  • Magnus is to the left of X-O Manowar.
  • Rai is leaping to fight some guy with a sword behind Magnus.
  • Shadowman is to the left of Magnus.
  • Eternal Warrior is looking badass and fighting that chick from Sojourn to the right of X-O Manowar.
  • Bloodshot is in the top right corner, loping off Spider-Alien heads
  • Turok is one of the two guys book-ending the image with arrows. He is on the right.
I don't see Ninjak or the Harbinger kids. Did I miss any?

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