Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Val....the spokescat for VALIANT?

Little known fact: During Valiant's early years, when most of the Valiant super-heroes we're familiar with today had not yet been created but the staff necessary to create them were already on the books, a number of custom comics were created by Valiant Comics for various corporations (KFC comes to mind but that's a whole other post). Below is a scan of a comic / marketing pamphlet Valiant Comic's produced to advertise and inform potential clients about their abilities to create custom comics. Check it out!

Some interesting things to look out for:

  • The first (and only?) appearance of Val, the Valiant spokescat
  • The boy on the train reading a copy of Magnus: Robot Fighter
  • Valerie D'Orazio, Don Perlin and Steven Massarsky (co-founder of Valiant Comics) make appearances
  • As do Hercules and Dracula!

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