Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Evolution of the Archer & Armstrong logo

Found this at the Barry Windsor-Smith official site and have reproduced it here.

"The original Archer & Armstrong masthead was pretty lame. In late August of 1992 I hired [typographical designer] Kenny Lopez to design something new and better to begin with the Riviera issue [A&A 5]. I do logo and title lettering myself, so I have a real apprecaiton for the quality of Kenny's work. All the same, after he'd offered a few perfectly fine masthead designs [for Archer & Armstrong], I figured the best way to illustrate the carnival style lettering I was envisioning, was to draw it myself. I faxed a rough design to Ken and asked him to refine and finish it for me in ink. I think he did the work reluctantly because he told me over the phone that my A&A logo went against his every principal of comic book logo design. Ken knows what he's talking about, of course, but nevertheless, the new [A&A] logo was greeted with enthusiasm. It came out lovely in my opinion." - BWS

Original Logo

Final Logo

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