Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Custom Figures - Video Game Shadowman

I found this today and while the figure itself is very average I'm blown away by the number of accessories that have been created to go with it. Using ingredients which include Kleenex, paper plates, cardboard from a potato chip box, paper clips and fuzz from a Q-tip the creator has managed to create, from scratch, a Michael LeRoi as Shadowman action figure with 21 points of articulation and 17 accessories!

Accessories include:

a Handgun

a Shotgun

an MP909 Uzi

an SMG Machine gun

an Asson

a Baton

a Flambeau

 a Marteau

an Enseigne

a Calabash

a Flashlight

a Prison Key Card

a Violator

an Accumulator

 an Engineer's Key

a Cadeaux

 and my favorite, Luke's Teddy Bear

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  1. Muito legal! Será possível conseguir um desses?