Monday, May 17, 2010

Unpublished Acclaim 'copycat' covers

Back in November 1997, Acclaim Comics had the bright idea to boost sales with a series of homage covers. They dubbed November the 'Acclaim Copycat Cover Month' and each book they published featured a cover that was a homage to a famous cover of the past. Here is a visual list of the covers that were published:

Originally, there were to be homage's to DC books too but once word was released that Acclaim was planning a copycat month the DC legal team put a stop to it. The covers were never printed except for these early promotion appearances which show that Ninjak #9 (???), Trinity Angels #5 (Superman #123) and Magnus Robot Fighter #7 (Action Comics #1) would have been different.

And as a bonus I also managed to find the original ink art for the unpublished Action Comics #1 homage.

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