Sunday, November 14, 2010

Foreign Valiants - Italian Shadowman Vol. 3 #1

I'm on a roll with Foreign editions of Valiant Comics. Here is a scan of the the magazine style Italian edition of Shadowman Volume 3 #1 by Cult Comics. According to the cover, the comic has game level maps and guides, comic pages, information about the second Turok video game, the Armorines video game and the new Tomb Raider comic book.

And here is a scan of the back cover with the following text:

un uomo arrivera' dall'ombra, lottera' contro il male, combattera' il crimine, nelle citta' piu' oscure, tra le paludi e i deserti, fre gli spiritie e il mondo reale.

un uomo arrivera' dall'ombra, shadow man e' il suo nome, camminera' attraverso la luce e il buio, la vita e la morte per fermare l'apocalisse, per salvare la sua anima

Which approximately translates to:

A man will come from the shadows, he will fight' against evil, and fight the crime in the city. More dark, among the swamps and deserts, fresh spirit and the real world.
A man will come from the shadows, Shadow Man is his name, Walking through the light and darkness, life and death to stop the apocalypse, to save his soul.

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