Sunday, November 14, 2010

Valiant Market - Deathmate Prologue page 3 original art

This is the second post in my Valiant market series (the first is here). I am purposefully not making these a habit because I don't want the Valiant back market to take over this blog. But once again I was surprised and happy to see that the recent auction of an original art page from Deathmate Prologue by Barry Windsor-Smith and Jim Lee sold on eBay for $787.00 (plus $10 shipping).

Once again, it's very rare for a Barry Windsor-Smith Deathmate page to hit the market as there are only 11 pages that he and Jim Lee worked on for their portion of the Deathmate Prologue. This page was clean, prominently featured Solar: Man of the Atom and is a key emotional scene. I expected big bucks but almost $800+ was again beyond my most optimistic guesses. Its nice to see that the market for key Valiant art is so healthy.

The seller also went to great lengths to let the bidders know that two panels from this page were also used in the Deathmate Trading Cards Set produced by Upper Deck.

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