Monday, November 1, 2010

Wizard Top Ten - Wizard #31: Ninjak is #1

Growing up I used to live for the next issue of Wizard Magazine - yes, there was a time when Wizard wasn't a POS! My favorite part of a new issue was the "Top Ten Comics of the Month". Maybe that's why I love Valiant Comics so much, because when Wizard was good Valiant dominated the top ten. Every now and then I'm going to showcase a scan from the article, today I've got a scan of numbers 1 - 4 from Wizard Magazine #31.

As you can see the number one hottest comic in the world back then was Ninjak #1. It was even more popular than the hologram cover Wolverine issue where he gets his adamantium pulled out! (It's weird to think back to a time before we knew Wolvie had bone claws...)

Credit to for the scan.

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