Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Valiant Computer Icons

Found these cool Valiant Comics desktop icons.  Not sure how to use them as the instructions are in French but someone went to a lot of trouble putting together 46 icons.  Check out images of a few of them below:


X-O Manowar

Spider Aliens

Shadowman and Master Darque


 Rai from the Future Force

Black and purple outfit Ninjak's

Solar the Destroyer and Solar: Man of the Atom

Turok Dinosaur Hunter

Archer & Armstrong

Doctor Mirage and Carmen Ruiz


Doctor Eclipse

Sting, Torque, Kris and Toyo Harada

Eternal Warrior and Geoff the Geomancer

Ivar the Timewalker

Shakesphere and Heydrich

Magnus Robot Fighter

Check out how cool these icons can look with the right desktop wallpaper:

UPDATE: The original site I found these icons on is down (seemingly for good) but the good folks at also have the icons. So head over to their page on Valiant Comics computer icons to download them.

UPDATE II: I've recently learned that these computer icons were made by Steven Louie of Brooklyn for the PC. And that Steven submitted them to Valiant, won a Gold logo book and had the story published in the editorial section of the comics!

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