Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Valiant @ San Diego Comic-Con 2010

Valiant had a big presence at this years San Diego Comic-Con thanks in large part to the Doctor Solar, Magnus Robot Fighter and Turok, Son of Stone books coming from Dark Horse. Check it out:

The Dark Horse booth featured a giant Doctor Solar banner that could be seen from pretty much anywhere on the convention center floor.

Throughout the booth they had various posters for their different books including Turok, Son of Stone and Magnus Robot Fighter.

Dark Horse was giving away a few hundred of these yellow Doctor Solar/Magnus Robot Fighter bags every morning.

They were also giving away this double sided Doctor Solar/Magnus Robot Fighter poster.

The Dark Horse give away book this year featured a Doctor Solar cover. They were also giving away tons of Doctor Solar badges (pictured above if you look carefully) and a few Magnus Robot Fighter badges (but those were rare and very hard to come by - not pictured).

UPDATE: Finally, got my hands on a Magnus Robot Fighter badge/pin. Had to pay through the nose but its worth it to have both pins. Here's a picture:


Now check out these prices for Valiant books at the various retailers that were present at San Diego.

Archer & Armstrong #0 Gold Variant for $80

Eternal Warrior #1 Gold Variant with Flat lettering for $100

Rai #1 for $20

Harbinger #2 with coupon for $40

Magnus Robot Fighter #0 without card for $80

Quantum & Woody #3 for $20

A few different Retailer Review Copies for $50 each

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