Sunday, September 19, 2010

4001 A.D. Eternal Warrior character design

Found an interesting bit of Valiant Comics character development in the form of some early designs for the future Eternal Warrior - Gilad of the year 4001 AD. This Gilad appeared alongside his present day counterpart in the UNITY crossover. Take a look:

The design sheet looks to be a fax copy and required a lot of photoshop work to get detail to come through. You can see that on the top someone has hand written "4001 Eternal Warrior". I have no idea who the artist is and can't place the style. Maybe Don Perlin? Could also be John Dixon who illustrated Eternal Warrior #2 in which this Gilad first appeared. Already present is a future variation of the spiked glove and left arm design. You can also see that Gilad is looking much older here - something that didn't make it to the printed version. Gone from the printed version is also the silly belt with the large letter 'G'. Check out the caped version of 4001 AD Gilad that was printed below.

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