Monday, September 20, 2010

Mags - Previews Magazine Vol. IV #10

Starting yet another column (damn that Solar/Wizard post! It was meant to be a one off but now it's screwing with my new column. I guess I'll have to make that the issue #0 post from the Mags column and retroactively include it...), this time I'm going to spotlight magazines with Valiant Comics content.  It's a pretty hefty undertaking but with your help (Yes, you!) I think it's possible. Then, without further delay, check out the cover to the October 1994 (going back a bit here) edition of Previews Magazine which features a kick ass cover of the Visitor defeating practically every Valiant Comics hero from X-O Manowar to Bloodshot and Ninjak.

This issue also has a pretty cool article on the Visitor which I may scan and post one day (if you're good!)

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