Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Promo - Armstrong Ale

The companion piece to the Darque Brew, Armstrong Ale is a promotion for the Archer & Armstrong comic book series. Valiant (or Acclaim as it was called then) sent comic book retailers across America incentive/thank you Christmas packages that included a bottle of specially packaged beer in a box with a label that reads "Valiant Comics Special Holiday Brew: Armstrong Ale" and a greeting card that reads "Enjoy some Holiday Cheer from your friends at Acclaim Comics". Occasionally, these were accompanied with a letter from Valiant discussing the upcoming event books and promotions. 

The Darque Brew greeting card featured a picture of a Binosaur from Turok (which was originally used on the cover of Internal Correspondence, see the post about that here) but Armstrong Ale features a Christmas image of Doctor Mirage and Carmen (I'm not sure if this is an original image or if it was published before). Check out some images below:

The bottles were brewed exclusively for Valiant in 1994 by the Capital Brewing Company. These bottles have become sought after collectors items, especially when they come complete with the greeting card. Valiant had planned to issue 6 different bottles (I believe one per Christmas, though I'm not sure) which would then be collected in a six pack holder that would accompany the sixth bottle. Only Darque Brew and Armstrong Ale were ever produced.


  1. I owned a comic store then and still have the bottle and a Darque Brew that I got from Valiant also.