Friday, February 25, 2011

100 Recommended Back Issues #100: X-O Manowar # 0

Some blog called The Meandering Thoughts of a Malaysian Comic Fan created a list of their "100 Recommended Back Issues" and spotlighted a few Valiant books. At #100 is X-O Manowar #0. Check out what the blog had to say in the below excerpt: 

X-O Manowar was one of Valiant Comics' earlier successes. Created by Bob Layton, it told the story of Aric of Dacia, a barbarian Visigoth from the dark ages who was kidnapped by the Spider-Aliens and used as slave labor before he managed to escape from their clutches with the X-O Manowar armor, the most powerful in their arsenal. Unfortunately, thousands of years has passed on Earth due to the effects of time dilation and he must adjust to life in the 20th century. 
This zero issue tells the story of Aric's last days on Earth before his abduction, as well as how a simple barbarian managed to walk away with the Spider-Aliens' X-O Manowar armor. A surprise guest star shows up to help Aric, we learn the origins of the X-O Manowar armor itself and why it is so important to the Spider-Aliens, Aric's life on Earth and how he met the love of his life, and the vital few seconds that put Aric on his destiny. 
It's a very tight story by creator Bob Layton and then regular series writer Jorge Gonzalez, along with some of Joe Quesada's finest artwork. In fact, this issue was one of his earlier collaborations with Jimmy Palmiotti, and the both of them would go on to have a long, fruitful relationship that would result in the birth of Event Comics, the formation of Marvel Knights, and Quesada eventually becoming Marvel Comics' Editor-in-Chief.
 So there you have it, proof that Joe Quesada is Marvel Editior-in-Chief because of X-O Manowar!

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