Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ads - Chinese Valiant Comics

I've been trying to get scans of the Chinese versions of various Valiant Comics published by Americom for years with no luck. Now finally, I've got scans of the next best thing - the advertisements that promoted the release of Americom's Chinese versions. Check out this advertisement for Chinese translations of BloodshotX-O ManowarNinjakShadowmanThe Second Life of Doctor Mirage and Solar, Man of the Atom.

Interestingly, X-O Manowar has been renamed "X.O."; Shadowman has become "Shadow Man" (which is also the name that was later used by Acclaim Comics); The Second Life of Doctor Mirage has become just "Doctor Mirage"; and Solar, Man of the Atom has become just "Solar". Also, Valiant's logo appears above the parent name "Voyager".

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