Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shadow Man video game audio CD - French LE box set remix

I know I just covered this remix in my last post on the Limited Edition French box set of the first Shadow Man video game for the PlayStation but I've found more information on it and in anticipation on uncovering details on the other two versions of the CD (The first was included as a freebie in issue #3 of a magazine called GameOn. The second is a single CD edition that was released for sale in France at the time of the games launch) I'm going to start a series of posts just for them.

The audio CD is a 'Remix collection of the music from the Shadow Man video game' from the Limited Edition French box set. You can download the music from the CD by Clicking here. The password is 'warped-zone'.

Check out pictures of the CD below.





  1. Man, i'd like to thank you for the eternity if i can o.o !!! I was searching for the title : "Eclipse" for years !!! Thanks again, a billion times!!!

    1. Please repost! Link is dead... :-(

  2. Get it here:
    Click on the small Download button on the left, then click on the Free Download button (with the countdown). Password to open the downloaded .rar file is 'warped-zone'.

  3. triselPtran-ta Kelly Watson Here