Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Foreign Valiants - Italian Solar #0

Also known as Solar, L'uomo Dell'Atomo #0. Found this on eBay the other day and just had to have it.

It's an Italian reprint, by a company called Play Press, of the Alpha & Omega storyline that was serialized in the English language versions of Solar, Man of the Atom #1 - 10. The book has a nice card-stock cover but is printed on cheap looking newsprint that makes the colors run and the ink blot:

But how cool is it to see Phil say "Mio Dio...!"?? A Solar by any other name reads just as sweet. The back of the book has some ads for other Italian language versions of Valiant Comics - Archer & Armstrong, Magnus Robot Fighter, Timewalker, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter - and even some DC Comics such as Superman and Lobo.

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  1. I have it...maybe because i'm italian :)

    Problem with Valiant in italy was that Play Press had a strange concept for "continuity" philosophy :P

    So, for example, N.0 of X-O Manowar, was publishing X-O n.1, while next issue was presenting N.O and N.2 :D

    maybe i should have some stuff, if u r interested in it: i'm trying to build valian collection in american language :P