Friday, October 8, 2010

Mags - Internal Correspondence 1994

Before Diamond Comics Distributors alone ruled the land of comics distribution there was a time when comic book distributors where plenty. Upon this age appeared Capital City Distributors who then-st produce-st-ed ... a magazine called Internal Correspondence (yeah, I gave up on whatever it was I was just doing).The December 1994 issue of the (I believe) quarterly magazine features a cool Christmas image of Bloodshot and Eternal Warrior (why are these guys always hanging out together) drawn by Sean Chen.

I love all the Christmas presents in the background.  Here's a quick list:
  • A binosaur from Turok is hanging over the mantle (with a bow no less!).
  • Solar, Man of the Atom's severed left hand (which he gave to Geoff during UNITY) is on the mantle.
  • Timewalker's Tachyon Compass is also on the mantle.
  • A bottle of Armstrong Ale (a promotional item given to retailers by Valiant) is on the fireplace
  • A seasons greetings card from the Harbinger Foundation is also on the fireplace
  • A seasons greetings card from Capital City Distributors is also on the fireplace
  • A picture of someone I can't recognize on the fireplace
  • A stocking for Geoff
  • A stocking for Nev[ille Alcott]? (Are they at Gilad's house?)
  • There is also a large axe to the left of the fireplace. No idea what that is.
Now, as a bonus here is a scan of the original art for the cover of Internal Correspondence December 1994:

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