Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shadow Man Limited Edtion French video game box set

Until I was putting together the Shadow Man video game box art post I never even knew this French released limited edition box set of the first Shadow Man video game for the PlayStation existed. So far there are only two copies that I know of and neither owner has opened the box. According to the label on the box the set includes a T-shirt, a poster, an amulet and an audio CD. Most of which no one has pictures of. Take a look at some pictures of the unopened box set.

I have since discovered that the audio CD is a 'Remix collection of the music from the Shadow Man video game'. Check out a picture of the CD below.

I have also found a link to download the music from the CD - you love me don't you! - Click here to download the zip. The password is 'warped-zone'.

Lastly, I've been informed that at least two other editions of the CD exist. The first was included as a freebie in issue #3 of a magazine called GameOn (I'm trying to track a copy down and confirm this). The second is a single CD edition that was released for sale in France at the time of the games launch. 
What does all this tell us? Simple, France loves Shadow Man!

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  1. Get the CD tracks here:
    Click on the small Download button on the left, then click on the Free Download button (with the countdown).
    Password to open the downloaded .rar file (using Winrar) is 'warped-zone'.